Welcome to our shop.

Here at the Creative Candle Shop we take stones we find all over New England, from the beaches of Cape Cod to the White Mountains of NH and turn them into functional, attractive oil burning candles.

Inside each candle is a tin reservoir which holds 1 ounce of soot less, odorless and smokeless pure lamp oil. On the top of the candle there are 2 holes. One hole has a glass wick holder along with a brass decorative ring and the other hole is for your oil fill.

We use fiberglass wicks in all our candles, which will never need replacing and all candles will burn for 3-4 hours.

When the candle will no longer light it’s time to refill with another ounce of oil and your ready to go.

Add as many drops of your favorite candle scent as you would like into the supplied 1 ounce bottle and mix with the oil prior to filling to make your candle burning experience even better.

All of our candles have cork on the bottoms to protect any surface they are placed on. Most of our candles weigh as much as a large glass container candle.

Have you found a stone in your travels you would love to have made into a candle?

Simply take a few pictures and send to us along with the dimensions and we will let you know if it can be done. We will send you an estimate with instructions on how to pack and ship it to us. When we finish creating your candle we will ship it back to you and will have a keepsake that will last forever.